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03 Disember, 2013

Happy Ending : Convocation & New Nephew

Enter UUM : 28th June 2009
Exist UUM : October 2012
Convocation  UUM : 30th November 2013

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah S.W.T, after 3 year, i am Officially Graduated Bachelor Public Management from Universiti Utara Malaysia. 
Thank to my mom & dad because they always with me from the first step until the last step me in UUM.
They are always support me and be my inspiration.
Thanks mom's & dad's for a bouquet of daisy.
i will never forget the story before i get the flower
i am so sorry because make mom's & dad's tired only for a studio photo.
but its okay right, you two make me proud because along the way we walk to go to studio photo mom's & dad's never grumbling and also want to take a couple photo together with out i'am ask.
the distance its to far for you two and make tired but it not be disappointed me as long as you two happy walk together.
thanks mom's because persuade dad's to buy me a bucket of flower that mom's choice.
you two make me touch, i wanna cried but its okay because your daughter is a courageous and strong person.
if i did'not get a bucket flower its still okay because you two more valuable than other.
Thanks also to my brother in law because willing to be a driver from Ayer Hitam to Sintok, my sister and my nephew for waiting me in outside the hall with the hot of sun.
you all's make me proud..
thank you very much..

Love Mom's & Dad's

pandang sini cikin tangkapkan gambar, senyum jangan bekerut muka
aizat :"anas ar tin ane nak nyum"
aiman : "wei anas ar, xyeh"

meet by chance, i am able to captures memorable with three friends
 & in the end
as our promise, we're meet at D'Mas at 5pm. this time for Photo shoot
Sahabat & me..

happy with photo shoot & we're sporting & also for the photographer.. 

On our way to go back from north to south, at 4.45am my brother have text me & telling that her wife save delivered a healthy baby boy.

01 december 2013 at 04.00am
along the way to back home, we got a news that my sister in law has save to birth a baby boy.
we're so happy and the baby is healthy..

baby first day

welcome to our family...Muhammad Iman Darwish

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