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19 Mac, 2011

19 Mac 2011 berlaku fenomena lunar perigee - bulan akan kelihatan lebih besar

Super event as moon comes close

Lunar-tics beware.
Tomorrow night's “super moon” will bring the satellite closer than it has been in more than 18 years.
It will loom up only 356,577km from Earth.
This is almost 30,000km closer than the moon's average distance from Earth of 382,900km.
Hervey Bay based astronomer and author Steve Massey said the event was “a rare alignment of circumstances”.
“Known as a lunar perigee, the moon will look bigger and be about 15% brighter than usual.” Mr Massey said.
“It will be the closest it’s been in over 18 years and will look pretty sensational.”
Mr Massey said for the best view people should head to the beach and watch the moon rise over the bay.
“It will look great rising over Fraser Island.” he said.
Despite widespread conspiracy theories linking the so called “super moon” to all manner of disasters, Mr Massey said the only effects would be a brighter sky and higher tides.
Water will lap the top of beaches and edge near the boards of the Urangan pier with a 4.09m high tide expected at 8.10am this morning.
Cloud permitting, our photographers will capture tonight’s rare event with the images appearing in Monday's Chronicle.


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